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4 Tips for Industrial Trade Show Success

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Has the process of getting a booth setup for your company been frustrating? Did you have enough space? Were there last minute panics? This happens a lot. Here's a quick checklist that should help with the logistics to ensure a smooth event:

1. Designate a key person in your organization to be the point of contact. There are lots of details, deadlines, and documents to manage. And if you're not engaging the services of a display company to manage all the logistics for you, there's also the booking of union labour at most venues.

2. Book your booth space well in advance – sometimes this means more than a year out if it's a popular show. Look closely at the event floor plan. Where are the main entrances? What will the likely flow of traffic be? Are there any obstructions like support columns or safety equipment that may impact the visibility of your space?

3. Determine your floor plan. Based on what you want to exhibit, we can help with this. Especially for larger equipment, we're able to take your CAD models and place them to scale in both the floor plan and high quality rendered views. When you can visualize the space, it takes the guesswork out of what's required for a comfortable meeting area, product display plinths, best position for TV screen, etc. Together we can accurately determine the best use of space, traffic flow and visibility.

4. Use the aisles! Many exhibitors make the mistake of putting all their best stuff in the centre or back of the booth but if it's right up front (even on the edge of the carpet) you actually expand your booth space.

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Custom designed booth using client's CAD models

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