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Explain, Educate, Entertain! How 3D animation can help your product stand out…

Humans understand the world around them largely through their eyes. It’s even baked-in to our language – “I see” usually means “I understand”.

If you have a product to market, especially a technical or industrial one, you need to tell your potential customers not only what it is, but how it works – why your process is better than your competitors, and how that will benefit them. Often, simply looking at a finished product – even if it’s right in front of you – won’t tell the real story. You need a quick and compelling way to show how yours functions and why it’s superior.

Many studies have confirmed just how vital and rapid the processing of visual information is, as well as how effective animation can be as a learning tool. With today’s shrinking attention spans and information overload, grabbing your customer’s attention, showing just how brilliant your product and processes are, and yes… entertaining them, are key to your success!

On a website, or at a trade show, you typically have only a few seconds to engage your target audience. A 3D animation loop can convey more information in 20 seconds than any other method, dramatically boost your product’s profile and visibility, and establish your credibility in the market.

It’s important to choose the right service provider to create an animation for you. If you have CAD models available, you already have the starting point – but look for an animator with a strong technical or engineering background – one who will easily understand the critical construction, manufacturing and process data you want to convey.

Of course, 3D animations are an excellent choice to illustrate mechanical motion – but they can do so much more to show hidden internals, like heat flow, pressure changes and fluid movement. In the accompanying video sample, we show a hypothetical piece of equipment during a heating/cooling cycle. By using a flying cut-away, glowing element, animated heat gradients and air-flow arrows, the viewer gets an intuitive overview within seconds. The possibilities to expand on these techniques to demonstrate any desired process are endless!

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