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Face-to-face meetings out of the question? 3D Animation to the rescue!

Plant tours and boardroom meetings? Not happening. Plans to showcase a new product at a trade show? Cancelled. Opportunities to engage directly with potential customers are limited, making the sales process for industrial companies challenging to say the least.

While we’re all thankful for the ability to have virtual meetings, the fact is that some things are very difficult to explain with words, pictures or even video.

For instance, is your sales team having a tough time describing the technology that makes that new machine stand out from the competition? Or how that awesome innovation has reduced energy costs on an existing product? How do you begin to explain the complex cooling process that is happening behind a casing of steel?

This is where we shine!

What could have taken hours to describe, is crystal clear in a matter of minutes or even seconds with a 3D animation.

Helping you visually explain the complex inner workings of your products, machinery and processes is the reason why we focus our attention on working with manufacturers and engineering firms.

It begins with in-depth conversation. Once we fully understand what your challenges are, what your customers are expecting, and what your sales team is asking for, we can start to create great content for you by bringing your CAD models to life!

Once a 3D animation is created, it becomes a valuable asset that can be featured on your website, shared on social media channels, added to your presentations, or put on a loop for trade shows. If desired, professional voice-over narration, a custom music track or sound effects can be added to enhance the viewer’s experience.

And here’s the real gold.

Since content is king, the goal is to build a multi-purpose library of assets to draw from. 3D animations and the renderings that are pulled from them, become the base for online presentations, data sheets, manuals, brochures or ads – we work with you to create the marketing materials that make sense for your business.

These 3D renderings are key to explaining features and benefits and the options are endless.

As 3D models, they can be shown at any angle, any style of illustration with any lighting effects – as cut-away views or as a series of images showing a process flow – and materials can be swopped out or updated easily. This enables us to keep your content consistent and up-to-date.

The industrial customer in particular is looking for quality content that is objective and informative, not ‘salesy’.

It’s been a challenge for many companies to adjust to greatly reduced interaction with customers AND increased demand for online content and communication.

There is an expectation to be ‘wowed’ and the ground-breaking technology and stunning visual effects of a 3D animation will likely be your best tool to impress and educate your potential customer.

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