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Industrial 3D Animations for Trade Shows are Key

You’re all set for your Trade Show! The booth is rented, graphics and banners designed and printed, furniture set up, your attendees have booked flights and hotels… and your product samples and displays are shipping. You know how great your products are… how much work has gone into the design and cutting-edge technology, and exactly why your customers should choose them… but you have a problem. Exactly why they’re so great is not immediately obvious to all those potential leads wandering past your booth! Maybe from the outside, there is not much to see – all the action is on the inside, buried in that metal casing. Maybe they look pretty similar to your competitor’s product, but there are crucial internal differences. You would be happy to explain how they work to anyone – if you can get their attention – but you’re not even going to be there for all 3 days. You’ll need to rely on the other reps… and even though you know they’ll do their best, they don’t know what you know. You’ve tried to address this by putting up some graphics, but even those cut-away images don’t show your product in action… where it really shines!

As you tour the show floor, you notice that plenty of other vendors have large screens showing looped video clips – great-looking 3D animations of their products and processes. “Wow… that must be expensive to get done!” you say to yourself… but, it’s probably much less than you think, and looking at how well they explain the technology and project a message – can you afford not to have a loop of your own? For Industrial manufacturers and suppliers, the availability of CAD models is virtually universal, which means the raw data for 3D animation is already there. Animations can show your product, working the way it does in the real world, in ways that are impossible in any other format. Everything from exploding and cut-away views, to showing heat, pressure and mechanical movement – it’s all possible in the 3D world. With today’s animation tools and the ability to import CAD data, the cost of an effective animation looper is a small fraction of the budget for attending a single trade show event. The key to success is finding the right supplier. Look for animators with extensive background in engineering and industrial technology – ones that are familiar with all the common CAD model formats. They should be able to sit down with you, and quickly drill down to what is truly important and innovative about your product and process. Make sure they can map out a clear story board, budget and timeline that meets your goals.

If you do this, not only will your next show include that compelling animation to draw in your potential customers, you can also use it for your website and sales presentations!

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