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Who will be ready for the 'surge'?

Updated: Jan 4

Surge. It's a powerful word and can have devastating effects. But I like this word. It reminds me of when we were expecting Hurricane Dorian last year and we had to do everything we could to prepare for it.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can prepare for what's coming, when we start rising out of the situation we are in... and how we can help our clients and potential clients. Yesterday I listened to a webinar from IEEE GlobalSpec Preparing Your Company for Success in 2020: Proven Strategies for Marketing During Challenging Times.

Statistics were provided about how marketing dollars are being moved around – especially with trade shows being cancelled – and how manufacturers and industrial companies are re-evaluating goals and setting priorities; determining the ‘must haves’ versus the ‘nice-to-haves’. But the thing that interested me most was, what can we do right now to prepare for the ‘surge’? There is speculation that the second half of 2020 could be a big, fast rebound and the businesses who are ready to act and be adaptable will have a better chance of recovery.

This is not the time to go dark. Instead, it’s an important time to remain visible, to retain relationships and engage with our clients and prospects. Most of us are finding it difficult to be isolated and we’re feeling the need to connect with family and friends more than normal. What about our customers? It’s a great time to reach out and ask them how they are managing, how can we help – not to sell our services but to communicate and listen – a personal touch that goes a long way these days and reminds us that we’re in business to build relationships with people. Establishing trust and confidence and letting them know we are reliable even in tough times is key.

Like most businesses, we find it difficult to focus on our own marketing. Most of our energy goes out to meeting our client’s needs. But right now, we actually have time to ‘take stock’. Is the messaging on our websites and social channels still the right tone? Is the content relevant? Are there any gaps? What needs to be updated? How well aligned is the marketing team with the sales team? It’s a great time to encourage creative thinking. As Churchill famously said, "we have no money, we shall have to think!”

And what about our ‘target market’ – is it time to broaden or perhaps narrow who we are talking to? Where are they looking for content? Think quality over quantity. How do we maintain visibility through this time and leverage our social media channels with regular posts that are not focused on sales? It’s a time for relationship-building.

In response to Covid-19, we’ve seen manufacturers retooling their equipment to produce needed emergency supplies. This has reinforced our determination to provide great service not only to Canadian manufacturers that we are so proud of, but for manufacturers and industrial companies globally.

We’re doing our best to prepare for the ‘surge’ by staying engaged, finding ways to adapt, taking the time to brush up on skills and be ready to provide our expertise. You know your customers and what they need – let’s figure out how to meet their demands, stay calm and avoid the noise.

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