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It's hard to connect with your clients

if you don't speak their language.


We’re the ‘plugin’ to add value and extend your offering – specifically for industrial clients.

As strategic partners, we believe that our expertise will compliment the services and in-house capabilities that you already offer.

3D animation  There’s nothing like motion to draw attention to the booth. Imagine the impact we can create with top quality, relevant depiction of your clients’ processes, products and equipment on a large screen

3D renderings  How does your client stand out in the sea of competitors at a trade show? High quality, high resolution 3D renderings help create impactful graphics and they are great ‘conversation starters’

3D visualization  We can render the booth from all views so a client can 'walk through'... and we’ll use scale CAD drawings to work out the best floor plan and traffic flow so there are no surprises during set-up 

Custom floor models  We design and collaborate on the construction of full- or part-scale models – an exciting way for your client to present new technology and a proven ‘drawing card’ for trade shows!

And here’s the best part: working with manufacturers, engineers and technicians is our sweet spot! 

Our unique set of skills will help you meet your clients’ needs.


Are you working with manufacturers, engineers or technical experts and just can't seem to provide them with what they need?

Most importantly, we understand ‘Engineer-speak'

so you don't have to. 

There's an opportunity for us to collaborate and be able to offer our clients more value. Check out our process and our services, and let’s get talking!  


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