With 3D fly through animations, custom 3D modelling and rendering, we help you tell your story; creating relevant technical content for use online, in print and on-screen:


3D Animations

Add excitement and clarity with 3D fly through, animated parts, vehicles, structures and motion-graphic overlays; explain your product or process quickly and effectively for your website, blog or trade show presentation.  

Custom 3D modeling

We work directly with your engineers/design team; building from minimal 2D information or modifying and extending existing models.

3D Rendering/Technical Illustration

Images created from 3D models are precise and compelling. They can show off your products in ways that a photo can’t; separating components with color, cut-away and exploded views, perfect lighting and backgrounds and integrated technical information. Ideal for data sheets, manuals, trade show banner graphics, web and print marketing.


Manufacturer catalog design

Professional design and layout that is relevant and engaging, specifically for manufacturing, engineering and industrial clients.


B2B Communications

Your communication materials (e-news, technical sheets, brochures, catalogs…) become your sales tools. Your technical information needs to be concise and easy to understand; we take your technical expertise and make it visual.


Trade Ads

Get the maximum impact with your ad space. We will work with you to create on-brand, on-point content to professionally present your company and products nationally and/or globally.


Interactive Forms

Simplify the process of capturing information with professionally designed, easy-to-use on-line forms, questionnaires and legal documents.


Trade Show booth design

Event Booth Design

Do you need help to maximize your booth space? We are experts at designing floor plans with a sensible booth layout to maximize your traffic flow, with dynamic supporting graphics to maximize your presence. We partner with a global display company to help with the logistics to make your event booth design stand out from the crowd. 

Custom Model Design/Production

Do you have a product or process that could be a working model for your showroom, customer presentations or for your trade show booth? We design custom 3D models to scale or full size, and partner with a talented design & fabrication shop to create exactly what you desire.


Website Content

Your website is the hub of your marketing presence; we pull all the components together and create content that speaks to your customers and allows for more in-depth research by serious potential buyers; we oversee the creative and leave the technical stuff to our web development partner. Click here for a sample

Technical Writing

Through conversation and research, we take the time to understand your industry to clearly edit and refine your communications.

​Original Music/SoundFx

Our expertise includes professional recording; sound and original music can be added to enhance your video production.

​Voice Overs

Audio narration is part of our full recording studio offering; professional voice-over quality can be added to enhance your video production.

Video Editing

The quality of editing makes or breaks a great video; we will work with you to get just the right balance of timing and content.

Print & Production Management

We are Certified Print & Production Practitioners (CPPP) and know the ins and outs of traditional and digital production. We have excellent long-term relationships with several printers & production shops; allowing us to become a seamless extension of your company.