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Part 5: there will be no retiring anytime soon...

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

I stated at the opening of this blog that we have no intentions of retiring. Shortly after we arrived, we joined the Bridgewater and Area Chamber. We've already been to 2 meetings, we've met the executive committee, RSVP'd for the upcoming AGM, volunteered to help, and met the mayor. We have also attended an Open House with the Lunenburg Board of Trade. We want to contribute to this community.

Alan's design of our studio space with garage, workshop and laundry room/mud room addition.

This is our dream for the studio: to be multi-faceted. It will be our office, yes, but it will also be a music studio and a space for any type of presentation, workshop or lecture. We believe that the grand piano will be a unique draw for classical, jazz and blues performers in particular, and the space will be appealing for house concerts and 'live-off-the-floor' recordings. Musicians will be able to leave the event with a recording that they can post on YouTube to promote themselves. We also want to make the space available for any interest group, like a camera club, a philosopher's circle or an artist's workshop, to have their event in our space. We will provide AV set-up with large screen TV and great sound for any type of presentation, workshop or lecture.

We were able to get the building permits in place before we even arrived. To see it on one of our trees was thrilling!

Because of the rain, our build was post-poned until June. It was actually kind of nice for us to have time to settle in, explore a bit and get the office running.

The first step was to remove the back porch. Barrett spent the day tearing down the 'very well-built' little porch. It was pretty exciting to see the excavator get delivered on Saturday... in anticipation of the start on June 24th, Alan's birthday (it seems his birthday has been very significant in this story! We signed the papers to buy this place on June 24th 2 years ago!)

"It's pretty satisfying to see something you've drawn come to life" says Alan

Suddenly, we were the owners of a big hole in the ground. Things are zipping along!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story as we go through the build of our studio/garage/workshop/mudroom-laundry room addition to our house and eventually the renovation of our house.

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