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Our simple philosophy: Be curious. Work hard. Be honest.

We are the connection between your technical team and your customers. We are also the connection between your desk and non-desk employees. Communication is key. Our job is to research and understand your culture, your products and your processes in order to create authentic and precise content. 

Alan Wall

Alan Wall, 3D Designer

Alan has over 30 years of experience as both a designer and engineering applications specialist.  In this time, he has developed considerable expertise in a variety of 3D modeling applications – focusing in particular on high quality photorealistic rendering and everything from facility walkthroughs to process and construction animation.


His other passion is music production and recording – and over the years, has blended the two disciplines to offer full-service multimedia content. He has created everything from product renderings for industrial marketing, stand-alone animations, collaborations with video production, sound FX, voice overs, audio engineering and original music. He is passionate about giving his clients and collaborators the highest possible quality production, that fits both the intent and project budget.

In his words, “I specialize in handling all types of complex and detailed engineering and mechanical models – making them move, showing processes and explaining their advantages – and I always strive to ‘go one better’ with every project I take on, finding more creative and exciting ways to present an idea.  In general, I'm happy collaborating with other creatives and interfacing with project and engineering teams, as well as executing full start-to-finish productions. Technical animations and renderings can be some of the best ways to tell a story!”

Rae Ann Bonneville

Rae Bonneville, Creative Director

With decades of experience in graphic design, creative direction, and writing, Rae finds the greatest joy in creating marketing materials for products and processes that are useful and important in the world – thus the focus on manufacturing and industrial companies. Working directly with company owners and technical teams, she helps pull together data and think through the process of how best to illustrate, explain, educate and inspire both your people and potential customers.


Rae brings an authentic, collaborative spirit to the table. Her specialties include internal communicationsB2B communications, industrial manuals, package design; trade show/conference graphics and booth design; large complex projects like catalogs and managing print and production.

In her words, “My best day is when I have a conversation with a client and we are friends working out a problem.  Nurturing long-term relationships is vital to me – understanding your products, services and culture… how else can I possibly help you create relevant, specific content for your communications?”


BLOG ALERT: In the spring of 2019, we moved ourselves and our company across Canada from Alberta to Nova Scotia.
We've been telling our story of relocation and the pursuit of a purposeful and passionate life. Click here if you are interested in reading our blog.

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