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Looking for a great way to generate

traffic to your trade show booth?

Is it a challenge to just get someone to

stop and have a conversation?

Trade shows are tough. Many of your competitors are in the same room and it's a challenge to stand out from the crowd.


A well-planned booth is important – strong informative graphics, videos and animations on the flatscreen, brochures, technical sheets and actual samples definitely help – but do you have something unique to draw visitors to you?  A 'sure-bet' conversation starter? 


In our experience, a well-designed product and process demonstration model has proven to be an excellent educational tool and allows for more in-depth discussions with serious potential buyers.  





To design and manufacture a model of a die casting system for a global industrial company

Our client's most important contribution to the die casting process is their 'systems approach' to production. They wanted to show this process in one floor model that could be shipped around the world as a key part of their trade show presence.

To date, we had developed solid marketing materials for this client, including brochures, data sheets and an interactive website, but the ability to see the complete die casting process in one model with interactive abilities would give them the unique ability to easily explain features and benefits of their system to potential customers.


To design and manufacture a model of a key product for a global industrial company

Our clients' Quick Response Container is a fundamental part of the extrusion process. They wanted a model that would show the inner workings and technology that can only be appreciated with a cut-away view. 

To date, we had developed solid marketing materials on this product, but a floor model would give our client the ability to easily explain the features and benefits of the QR Container to potential customers.



We created the concept based on the client's wish list, and developed a detailed design in 3D. Then we collaborated with our strategic partner – experts in model fabrication – on the production.


Together we worked out the unique challenges of incorporating dynamic elements like LED lighting to show process flow, integrated touch screens, and the transportability of the models.

We managed each project from beginning to end, so our client only needed to communicate with one contact.    


  • The Die Cast process model is a unique blend of full-size tooling, process flow and die cast machinery that successfully demonstrates the clients' systems approach. And here's a cool fact: the model is built on a frame that allows for a forklift; panels drop down for a clean, professional appearance.

  • The QR Container model has a see-through panel showing the electrical configuration clearly and a cut-away view construction to easily explain temperature control and heat dissipation 

  • Custom built, heavy duty shipping containers allow the models to be shipped anywhere in the world 


At a recent trade show, a customer walked into our clients' booth, saw an item on the model that he hadn't known they carried and ordered 150 of them on the spot!

Floor models are proven drawing cards to a trade show booth and are excellent 'conversation-starters' and lead to direct sales!


3D design

CHALLENGE 1: It starts with a 3D model - working from technical drawings; with full-size tooling in a compact arrangement to demonstrate the entire system.


Actual model with dynamic elements: LED lights to show process flow and integrated touch screens.  Complete with a custom shipping container.


3D design

CHALLENGE 2: It starts with a 3D model - working from technical drawings; cut-away view and clear panels show the inner working, electrical configurations and cooling systems. 


Actual model acts as an educational tool, making it easy to explain the technology. 

We create accurate, relevant content for our industrial clients, including custom floor models. Let's have a conversation and plan a trade show booth that exceeds your expectations!

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